all the empty boxes

All of the boxes are empty.
All of the boxes are just fucking boxes.

The endless arrays of Cells we throw across all of creation are malignant trans-generational trans-mutations of our Selfishness.

ALL of our boxes are empty.

We are far from home that we once fled and are helplessly fucking lost.

As a young mother is forced by our collective indifference to leave her home – and the Son just barely arrived –
To risk getting a deadly virus in order to be able to feed that son.

Our Sons and Daughters are expected to leave their own boxes filled with a fragile sanity to back into those other Boxes…

Corporate Boxes, that were temporarily forced to Release Human Kind; and not a moment too soon.
And now the real isolation begins. Having to labor in those artificial Cells, actively protecting our BREATH.
The Virus could be anywhere in fact, it is all around us. Among us.

Anyone could fall Prey.
You and your children are nothing more than organelles in these cells; willingly serving the vast system of cells they have built for us.

There was Dis-ease in those boxes before people started dropping dead.

Maybe this mysterious virus attacking our bodies was manifest by so many of us wishing we were dead.

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  1. Will says:

    This is a very fine bit of writing sir. I hope optimism finds it’s way back to you.


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